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Hi, welcome to my portfolio website!
I’m Steve and this is; my portfolio. You may have noticed thenew look for the new year, and a few new web development tutorials.As I continue to collect, organize, refine, and perfect, all of these web development resources, and try to keep creating more tutorials, the site will probably be transitioned into more of a web design and development centric resource center.
This website is my baby and like any good parent would; I’m going to be contributing as many awesome coding examples, templates, new tutorials, and must have links, as I can. Then over time, as the collection of web development resources grows, more people will join and begin to add to, and improve upon, the collection of web design tools, techniques, tutorials, resources, and other assorted web geekery.
If you have/want-to develop a website, or are just interested in web stuff, please don’t be shy: Sign up for the revolution today!

I recently put together a list of all the scripts, software and development resources that I used to create this portfolio website.

Hosting packages starting as low as $5 a month!

Introducing: Lightspace Hosting: my new full service (LAMP) web hosting service with all the bells and whistles like :shopping carts, blogs, and photo gallery’s; all basically ready and waiting to install themselves onto the server to show up on a domain.Even Google agrees that LightSpace has great hosting, trust me, I have been using Cpanel for over five years now and I still wonder how other webmasters get anything done with out it (seriously, I have no idea, I would imagine they spend a lot of time on the phone with windows server support though).

At my full time job as a Senior SEO Engineer, at SEO Inc., I do a lot of end-to-end web site development, and what’s known as on-site SEO. I have been a full time web developer for over four years now and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else, web development is not just my job, it’s my passion & I love working at SEO Inc, it’s like my second family, I mean I spend most of my time there, so no wonder it feels comfortable after four years, ha ha. But no seriously the folks I work with are awesome, and the owners are really savvy business people, but they keep the atmosphere very relaxed and casual, plus Garry, the CEO use to be a rock star (he has played with Bon Jovi a bunch of times in New Jersey, where they’re both from) so that’s cool!

My coworkers at SEO Inc are the best, but I still miss the great people I got to work with, and inspirational teachers I had in college at Platt. Especially Fred Winton; an awesome web dev instructor for sure, and I had the extra privilege of working for him as Teachers assistant, for a bout a year while I as taking general education classes at night to finish up my Degree. If you’re surfing for inspiration: Fred maintains an archive of student projects. Many of the projects on display are student portfolio web sites, because creating your own portfolio website is basically the thesis project for Applied Science majors in the web development Bachelors program over at Platt. So, as you can imagine, there are many great looking, fairly well made, fictional business and portfolio websites to check out.

I work with a lot of CMS & E-Commerce platforms including; Ingeniux, Ektron CMS400.NET CMS, Joomla!, osCommerce, Zen Cart, Yahoo! Stores, Drupal (that I used on this website) and others. I don’t really consider myself an expert at any of these management solutions, but I am certainly very familiar with most of them & proficient at optimizing and maintaining sites built using them, maybe just not good enough to build a site from scratch using most of them, except Drupal, which I used to make this site (It’s so great, I am going to be writing a few tutorials on how to get it set up and going, and reviewing modules).

As a fun side project I built "The Birthday Machine" to store everyone at our offices birthdays & send out emails letting everyone know (not how old they are of course, but just saying happy birthday).

Also I am developing NSFW Check, a community moderated site that will tell you if a website is not safe for work, its still a baby... but I’m working on it:)I am setting up a power edge server I bought with LAMP, CentOS I think I’ll use it to serve up my new website:)

I’ll probably be putting up something educational about the content management system I installed and configured to run this website, soon. I have found Drupal to be an excellent solution and there is a lot I want to share about what I think makes it so great. If you want to know more about Drupal now I encourage you to watch some of the great video tutorials by Robert Safuto over at the Awakened Voice Learning Center.

Hit me up...

Take a sec and let me know what you think of the new website, thanks. And oh yeah, and if you would like your site included in the library section,just let me know. I am always on the lookout for good info and cool websites. Your website must have some cool web design related stuff, or be some kind of a design gallery or portfolio website, in order to be included in the resource center.

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