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Personal and professional bio

Professional Bio

Blue Steve

I am a CSS/(x)HTML expert with experience using just about every server side and database language. I have my BS in applied science & I have many skills that lend themselves to my work as a web developer: time management, outside of the box problem solving abilities, and good communication.

  • I love web development.
  • I specialize in producing highly functional, visually stimulating websites.
  • I have a lot of experience with all aspects of the development process, concept to completion.
  • I specialize in presentation level development; HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

At my job as an SEO Engineer I have optimized just about every kind of site you can imagine; PHP, ASP, ASPX, Cold Fusion, on windows boxes & LAMP, working with all kinds of management systems; from high end customized solutions like Ektron, ingenux, and zoovy to free solutions like Joomla & .net nuke. I also have worked with a lot of integrated shopping cart solutions like; Yahoo stores, MIVA Merchant, OScommerse and Zencart. I am however passionate about using LAMP (or WAMP is fine too) for my personal endeavors.

My experience using advanced CSS techniques allows my to think outside of the box, and ultimately streamline the coding process. By replacing verbose scripts and removing deprecated tags, I am able to create pages that load faster, work better, and meeting web usability and accessibility standards.

My obsession lately has been learning the Drupal CMS, but I am also really into turning Photoshop files into standards-compliant (x)HTML/CSS templates with an emphasis on search engine friendliness and accessibility. Doesnt that just sound like a fun day at work?

Personal Bio

I grew up in northern California and came to the San Diego area after high school to to go college. San Diego is a beautiful place to live & work, I have met many great people here who are truly awesome friends & confidants.

I love to eat, especially Chinese and Italian. In my spare time when I am not doing something web development related I like to stay active doing stuff like: running, hiking, swimming, and playing racket ball. I recently ranmy first 5k, the Turkey Trot, in Oceanside on Thanksgiving. I am also an artist & I like to paint or draw to kind of let my creative side out side of the confines of website design once in a while.

Here are some examples of my "offline artwork"

Steves Arcimboldo Style Artwork Steves Surrealist Style Artwork The Drupal Yodacon

Download Drupal Yodacon

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